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Michael MIxa

#1 Fear: Responsible for approximately 1.2M in past business debt that is affecting my wife's home! Losing everything!

#2 Action: Get rid of all pride by shutting up and be hone able then Call 1 Co. and make contact with 2 prospects everyday to set 1 appointment everyday, and close 1 with one person or couple that want to make a difference in their life. Follow up on all yes no's with updated information! The best possible outcome pay back monies I owe and get our families on track by our example in action!

#3 Call Companies until, One Company per day all the way to an answer of exactly what they are doing for training and the ability to do a presentation! Become Life Leadership, no mater where I am, be present with positive answers! Stop procrastinating and just do it. I used this phrase since 1973.

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