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obviously a very smart man!! :-)


I agree 100%! And we the people can make a difference! Already other issues are moving towards resolution (in particular the mess with Monsanto and GMO's), which should show us that if enough of us get together, the government WILL listen!

Nancy Brown

I have always loved this idea of a flat, fair tax--but only if there are safeguards built in so it stays the same percentage for everyone AND the government can't raise the percentage--no matter what. With those safeguards it will remain fair and government will be forced to become more fiscally responsible. I think Ben Carson is a wonderful leader with a spine. We need more well-known American's like him to take a patriotic stand like he does.

Greg Johnson


What a great article!! This should be read by everyone here in the United States of America.

I believe Dr. Carson's suggestion for a 10% tax is as fair as it gets. Treat everyone the same. Isn't that what equality is? At the same time it eliminates the waste of time, energy and money in complying and administering the complex tax code we currently have.

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